The Pocket Advocate is a personalised, pocket sized, portable guide, designed to empower your ability to self-manage and recover. You will identify your triggers, signs, and actions needed, so that you can communicate to others how you wish to be treated. The Pocket Advocate shows clearly that with the right intervention the cycles of crisis and relapse can be prevented; that you have the power to take responsibility for the progression of your symptoms, and become respected as an equal voice in the care you receive.


“Thank you so much for this amazing service, I will be recommending it to others. It really gives me peace of mind to know I will have this booklet with me at all times”

H.F., Customer, Nottinghamshire, 2016.


“[The] Pocket Advocate is by far the most intuitive and user friendly system I have seen…”

I.P., Healthcare Professional, Camden & Islington, 2015.


“This tool is inspirational and people feel really invested in it...They are in the driving seat, it is truly service user led, and for this I think the tool is  unique and invaluable...It’s a bit like a mobile phone, once you have one you wonder how you ever lived without it.”

M.M., Social Worker, Camden, 2015.


“As a GP who looks after a large number of patients who have mental health problems, it is often very difficult to find out important information at the time of social or medical crisis. A document such as [The Pocket Advocate] would be of invaluable help in informing clinicians, families and friends of the needs and plans of the person needing care.”

S.H., G.P., Kentish Town, Camden, 2012.


“ Unfortunately, given the chaotic and busy nature of CMHT work, it is not always practical or feesible to focus as much time on Advanced Directives as we should. It would be ideal if there was a seperate agency/service that would focus on supporting service user’s to create their own Advanced Directives and Project Embrace would be able to do just that. This is a huge gap in services and the long term social benefits of this work would more than outweigh the short term costs.”

N.B., Social Worker, Camden, 2012.

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